How Choosing the Right Unique Vanities can Change Your Bathroom

While kitchens remain the most popular room inside of the home to renovate, running a very close second are bathrooms. Bathrooms are renovated for a number of different reasons, most commonly it’s a lack of function. Another popular reason to renovate a bathroom is updating a dated bathroom that was built many years ago. While some renovations may require significant changes to the bathroom, for bathrooms that simply need to be updated, sometimes changing one particular aspect, such as introducing unique vanity, maybe all that is needed to turn an outdated bathroom into something special.

Looks Aren’t the Only Consideration

The thing to remember is that getting unique vanities for the sake of being unique isn’t always the best approach when choosing a bathroom vanity. There’s no question that the look of the vanity is going to be important when a person is going for an eye-catching bathroom item. However, blending practicality with uniqueness is the best way to get great aesthetic and exceptional functionality.

What Fits the Bathroom Space

Understanding the size of the room and how each bathroom feature fits into a given space is important to guiding a homeowner in purchasing a new vanity. A unique floating double sink vanity with vessel sinks, under mounted lighting and an exotic natural stone countertop may sound good. However, if the bathroom in question won’t accommodate such a large item, then choosing something that is a bit smaller may be the best option. There is still plenty of original and ingenious designs for smaller vanities, and it’s this sort of thing that the space-challenged bathroom should take advantage of when a unique vanity is called for.


Another consideration is budget. Choosing a unique vanity can sometimes mean spending more money. A homeowner may have to make some concessions if they are on a limited budget, but there are still plenty of original options to consider.

There are many ways to make a bathroom stand out, and in many cases, that is precisely what a homeowner wants, whether it’s a master bathroom, a guest bathroom or a small half-bath. If the homeowner wants to break away from design standards, choosing something more unique, perhaps just one item such as a bathroom vanity, can give new life and a new look to a bathroom space.