Some Helpful Tips for Parents to Pass on to Their Teen Drivers

In the eyes of their parents, teenagers are still children when they reach legal driving age. Needless to say, this can cause parents a good deal of anxiety when they watch their kids driving away for the first time. Unfortunately, though, there’s no avoiding the inevitable, so it just makes more sense for parents to take every possible step toward ensuring that teen drivers are prepared than it does to spend hours worrying about them once they’re allowed to drive alone.

Dealing With Breakdowns

No matter how well-maintained a vehicle is, the chances are it’s still going to break down at some point, which can be disastrous for teen drivers who are not adequately prepared. Parents who want to help their teen drivers prepare for the worst should print out any details they might need such as phone numbers for roadside assistance companies and leave them in their cars. Next, sit them down and explain the basics of finding a safe place to stop and getting the car moved if it’s no longer in operable condition.

Dealing With Accidents

While there’s no need for parents to worry excessively about the potential for accidents, it’s certainly not unheard of for inexperienced drivers to wind up getting into crashes. The worst thing a parent can do is to make their teen drivers nervous about the possibility of an accident occurring. Instead, sit them down and come up with a plan of what to do should the worst happen. Be sure they have adequate car insurance and know not to admit fault in the event they get into a crash.

Dealing With Getting Lost

Navigating while driving can be much more of a hassle than doing so on foot or as a passenger in a car, and while advanced navigation systems can be extremely helpful, they’re not infallible. Make sure to leave an area map in the car for teens to use in the event they become seriously lost, and go over road signs prior to allowing them to drive away on their own once they get their licenses.

Get More Help Online

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